Jolie is a gifted mediator. I expect a mediator of her caliber to be thoroughly knowledgeable in
this area of mediation and Jolie does not disappoint. But, beyond her knowledge of the law
and obvious training in mediation skills, Jolie has an innate ability to know when to hold ’em
and when to fold ’em.She is not pushy or opinionated, but truly focus in on what the best
outcome is for all parties involved. By the end of the mediation, I have a good result and my
client has closure on all levels.
– C.B., Attorney At Law


The compassion, calm demeanor, and persistence you exhibited were sincerely appreciated
throughout my mediation. It was a horrible situation to deal with, and the way you handled the
delicate information was key, I think, to us getting at least a partial agreement. I particularly
appreciated your experience in representing all sides of the issues in a fair and nonjudgemental
manner. I will definitely refer my friends if they are ever in need of an alternative to trial.”
– K. J., Client


I wanted to express my appreciation for your direction throughout this complex case – as well
as for your patience and skill in bringing the parties to resolution. That curveball in the end
almost lead us to an impasse, but Jolie was able to get the clients refocused and they were
able to reach an agreement that they can live with. The thing I appreciated the most was
Jolie’s ability to remain neutral while listening to some very damaging details about both
parties. I have worked with her many times, and this along with her ability to help clients reach
closure, will definitely give her a solid foundation for an outstanding career as a mediator. I am
proud to have seen her growth throughout the years and look forward to continuing to work
with her in the future.
– S.F., Attorney


I would like to thank Jolie for her patience, wisdom, and understanding as my ex-wife and I
worked together to end our marriage. It was a very emotional time for us, and Jolie’s
compassion while remaining fair to both myself and my wife was impressive. Divorce is painful
but Jolie made the process bearable. Thank you sincerely from both of us!
– R.C, Client


All I am going to say is that we were able to end our mediation with hugs. Considering that my
brother and I have been fighting in probate court for 2 years, she is nothing short of amazing.
We wish we had found The Solomon Group of Houston a long time ago!
– J.H., Client


I did not know what to expect from Jolie because this was the first case she’s mediated for me.
Initially, I felt frustrated that we did not jump right to what I considered ‘the real issues.’ but I
came to realize that she was giving the clients a voice thereby enabling them to work towards
an agreement. Her approach kept us out of court, and that was a win for both parties. I have
no doubt that without her approach, we would have definitely wound up back in court.
Because she exercised great wisdom throughout the process, my client was able to walk away
and view this as a fresh start for her, her children, and their father. Her ex-husband said he felt
the same way. Thanks for making this all happen, I see a bright future for Jolie as a mediator
and hope that she appreciates just how good she is at what she does.
– R.N., Attorney


When I decided to end my 20-year marriage, Jolie was the first person I called. Although she
did not mediate our divorce, she did share some words of wisdom that shed a different light on
my marriage. Although our attorneys were not happy, we ultimately decided to stay together.
best for her clients, and in our case, that was for us to work on our marriage. I have the utmost
respect for her because she puts her clients’ needs before her paycheck, and that is a rare
quality in this day and age. She will ALWAYS be the person whom I refer people to when they
are heading towards divorce. God bless you and The Solomon Group of Houston.
-R. D., Client


I was blessed with the opportunity to co-mediate with Jolie. I was in the training phase of
mediation when I was able to observe Jolie in 3 different mediations, and I learned so much
just watching how she handled the various challenges put before her as a mediator. I was
impressed with her ability to handle difficult clients, and her confidence and presence in a room
were admirable. She knew exactly how to make each client feel as if he/she was important and
that his/her needs were first on her list. She put everyone in the room at ease, and this trait
aided in people working toward a common goal instead of digging in their heels. I am looking
forward to mediating with her again in the near future.
-K.P., Mediator